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Our approach to Digital Marketing Northern Virginia is centered around our Customers Goals and Needs.

Hi, I’m Ajay. I started Asterikx Digital Marketing Company to help local small businesses leverage the power of digital marketing to increase their online presence and grow their business.
Unfortunately, a lot of companies fall short when it comes to understanding digital marketing.
I also noticed small businesses have attempted to create websites without understanding Web Design or SEO basics.
What does that mean?
If you created a website that is not optimized for the web, you would not get any traffic, no visitors checking out your products or services to buy.
On the other hand, you could have a great looking website, but no one is visiting it.
This could be due to multiple factors:
  • website is not SEO optimized
  • you are not targeting any keywords or are targeting the wrong keywords
  • poor content
  • user experience does not meet visitor expectations
  • almost no social media presence
  • not mobile-friendly
  • no backlinks
Creating a professional website that is SEO optimized takes knowledge, experience, and expertise. To see results, you need to be patient.
So now you’re probably thinking, why am I doing this?
In today’s digital world, all businesses, especially small businesses, have the opportunity to compete with the big companies. Digital has, to some extent, leveled the playing field. You can either take advantage of it or watch from the sidelines.
If you want to play and compete, contact us, and we will show you how.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Asterikx is a results-based Digital Marketing Company located in Northern Virginia. Our Vision is to help local small businesses use Digital Marketing to increase brand awareness and lead generation to grow their business.
We begin with evaluating and assessing your current assets and realigning them to your digital marketing strategy to get the best Return-On-Investment (ROI).

It’s about change and disruption. To discover your audience’s needs, wants, and likes, we help you analyze data to grow. We want to help small business owners to take their business to the next level and create wealth through their website.


Digital Marketing has transformed the way we do business today. As a small business, you have to be nimble and agile to respond to rapid change.


Digital technology is rapidly transforming the way business is done. We help small businesses embrace this disruption to lower costs and enhance the customer experience.


We want to understand our client’s business and show them how Digital Marketing could help. This requires some level of understanding of Digital Marketing Strategies. We invest the time with our clients to understand their business and show them what Digital Marketing services would be best to solve their business problems.

Our goal is to assist you with growing your brand using digital marketing strategies. We are passionate about solving problems so you can focus on your business. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and make a difference.

Brand Growth

We use several Digital Marketing strategies for your business to increase brand awareness. You will start with a professional, responsive website and leverage the power of social media, compelling content, and email marketing strategies.

Business Growth

With the world online, Digital Marketing levels the playing field for small to mid-sized companies. It gives you a cost-effective way to target your ideal customers. And the ability to track your marketing campaigns and make quick to drive results.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven assistants are disrupting the shopping experience. You need to optimize your website for mobile and voice searches. Chatbots are evolving and providing value to both businesses and consumers. 96% of consumers will be using Micro-moment marketing with their smartphones.

We are committed to our client’s business goals and needs. We are a boutique digital marketing company helping small businesses grow. And we love what we do.

Result Driven

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced environment. We are always looking to continuously improve, leveraging new tools and technology to get better results for our clients.


Our clients are part of the TEAM. They have access to the project plan, tasks completed, and work product assignments.


We encourage our teams to be curious and share the outcomes, and ideas with others in the group to drive creativity and innovation.

Customer Service

We love what we do. Our team is passionate about the products and services we create for our awesome clients. We treat every client like you’re our only client.

Our Northern Virginia Digital Marketing Services

We are your LOCAL Web Design and SEO Services Company providing services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC Metro area.

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